How to Add Font in PicsArt App? (Complete Information)

Are you looking for a fast and easiest way to add custom fonts to your pictures? Well! You have come to the right place at last. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with some easy-to-follow guidelines to add fonts to your pictures using the PicsArt app. It’s completely free of charge.

How to Add Font in PicsArt App

PicsArt MOD APK is widely known for its advanced tools and for providing an extensive range of features to content creators. Fonts are a necessary part of any creative art, as they transform ordinary images into extraordinary pieces of work. However, PicsArt provides a limited number of fonts which is not enough for different types of designs. So, in that case, custom fonts come in handy, and by following the given steps you can easily add custom unique fonts to your PicsArt creations. Let’s get started.

Downloading Custom Fonts for PicsArt:

Downloading Custom Fonts for PicsArt

Follow the below-mentioned steps and download unique fonts for your PicsArt creations.

  • Firstly, you need to visit Google Fonts and search for free fonts on the Internet
  • Choose the best font for your creations and tap to download it (Be cautious while downloading any font because some fonts are available for personal use only)
  • Extract and save the file as TTF extension if it is in zip format
  • Remove all unnecessary files from the downloaded folder except OTF and TTF. Extensions

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Adding Custom Fonts in PicsArt Projects: 

Adding Custom Fonts in PicsArt Projects

To add custom fonts to your PicsArt creations, you need to follow some steps that we have briefly described below. So, let’s be with me and have a look at them.

  • Locate the desired font file on your mobile device. It may vary depending on where you placed after downloading it
  • Move the Font file to PicsArt Folder in your Phone`s File Manager (PicsArt>Font>)
  • Tap on the PicsArt icon and launch this app into your device to start a new project
  • Select a photo from your gallery and add whatever Text you like by tapping on the bottom of the screen
  • Open the “My TAB” Menu and you will see a list of downloaded and stored custom fonts. Scroll down to find the desired one
  • Select this newly installed font from the menu bar and tap to add it to your text
  • Once all is done, click the upper right corner of your screen, and proceed toward saving the final project on the editing screen
  • Share your edited image on social media profiles and get millions of views and followers

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Adding custom fonts to your pictures in PicsArt is a quite straightforward process that can give your pictures a professional touch. There are some easy-to-follow steps that we have described above to help you easily add custom fonts to your PicsArt conceptions. So, follow the guidelines provided here and create eye-catching content by adding custom fonts to them. We hope this post remains helpful for you in understanding how to add fonts in PicsArt projects. Thanks for visiting our website!